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 hey guys.. so i finally applied and got funded for my loan... (yey)

my USA holiday is underway.. well kinda...lmao
you can only book flights that have a return date within 300 days..  so we have to wait til the end of march to book our flights... we also need to book our (return) interstate flights in the US.. (LA>NY) so that they dont sell out due to it being christmas holidays etc. 

im pretty excited about spending christmas and NYE in New York :) its been one of my dreams since i was a little girl. and 7 weeks in the USA..i know its gonna be awesome.. granted some attractions are closed due to the time of year, but i dont care.. i know im gonna have a blast :)

we're doing the east/west coast.. 3 weeks at each (then 1 week Hawaii on the way home)

if you guys have any suggestions on where we can go, or cheap(still nice) hotels/motels that we can stay at, would be much appreciated.. :)

**epic icon is totally epic and how i feel right now!!**

hey!!! ★ anyone out there!!!!???

 hey guys.. wow.. ive been away for a while... so much to catch up on.. i still haven't got my full fan girl on.. but im attempting to change that.. 
we have parent/teacher interviews at work this week.. so ive been busy busy preparing for that.. i was hoping i didnt have to go in on the night..only just the day, but its looking like i might have to :( but once thats all over and done with, i should be able to be on more often.. (until the next group of parent meetings and 'doing-my-head-in' days)

So I'm curious to see which of my flist are still around and kicking.. and how your fandoms have changed.. i know my tv habits have changed over the last few months.. (esp with new shows coming in, and some 'old' ones going out) and shows just loosing that specialness it had *cough*bones*cough*30ROCK... i still watch.. but they have lost a little something... i cant quiet place it :(

also if ive missed something important that you have posted in the last few months or whatever.. let me know.. or just tell me to check out your journal..


PS.. any one know any awesome moods?? i need to update!

Double Bed mattress!! free to good home!

Hey guys.. Do you know anyone who might be in the need for a Double bed mattress??????

Its in really good condition. (no stains or anything) it was always used with a mattress protector. its only 18 months old. Free to good home.

pick-up from Thomastown (northern suburbs). Could deliver locally for a negotiable charge.  It's also placed back into its original plastic packaging, so if your tying it to the roof of a car or whatever, its still safe if it rains. 

i can upload pictures if you would like.

i need to know if someone wants it (and preferably to be picked up) in the next 48hrs. if you want the mattress we can discuss this anyway.

thanks guys.


 Just a quick post to say how excited i am!!!!!

I just got a call on a job I was waiting for.. I got it :) its a Teachers Aide Position.. 5 days a week. :D (yay for weekends still free *grin*)

I start Monday.. excitement.. gone to go squee everywhere....*runs*


 hey hey fellow LJ's. I haven't updated in a while (bad i know) but even when you have nothing to do, you can still be busy.. rofl. I dont even know if 1/2 of you are still around or not. :(

So last time i updated, it was 2 days before my birthday (22nd feb). which was also the same night as the Placebo concert here in Melb!! well you guessed it..Placebo was AWESOME! i was in the mosh pit. met some randoms, who turned out to be pretty awesome (one of my friends still talks to one of the guys..who lives in QLD..but thats a story for another time).. i dont have pics cause cameras were banned.. was a bit annoying, but it was a pretty awesome birthday all round. 

hmm.. what else. 

In March my sister got married.. it was a nice ceremony. i was a Bridesmaid. it was the day of the bad hail storm here in Melb. so we had no power for like 3 hrs at the reception.. but besides the catering.. it was a good day. my sister and mark are just glad its over. 

OH MY GOD!!! next year im going to CANADA for 6 MONTHS!! myself and 2 friends are going on a working holiday.. its gonna be off the hook!!

thats about it for the moment.. I promise i will try and update quicker than 3 mnths :P


im so excited! only like 2 days til my bday and PLACEBO concert! im so excited!!!! (i think i mentioned that! lol)

My brother and I had our birthday celebration dinner last night because we wouldn't be able to have it on monday (PLACEBO!!!)
it was at a really nice restaurant.. the service was so-so, but the food made up for it :P
Then we had one of the best pub crawls ive been on for ages.. we went to Bar etiquette on Sydney road, then to The Black Penny on Sydney road..  they were awesome, but then they closed the beer garden at the black penny at 1pm.. so we went to go to the tequila bar on Lygon (right where lygon meets Albion) but that was closed.. so we ended up driving down to the popular end of lygon, and went to a sports bar(i cant remember the name.. had a bit to drink at this point)

all in all it was a good night.. im suppose to be going out again tonight to the peel.. i love it there.. best music, and i dont have to be worried about being picked up..although it does still happen..lol.

i will def post pics etc from the concert.. its gonna be off the hook!

lmao.. fun times

going shopping 2night and out for dinner with my sister and mum. going to the JUKE JOINT for dinner! its like my fav 50's diner of all time! been planning my sisters hens night like cah-razy. 

lmao.. here is a convo i had with Nikki.. i love her to bits.. she is so smart and well read, but then has blonde moments.. she is fkn awesome!

Nikki:  hey.. here's my new house number.. its going to be put on 2moro.

Me: Awesome. i will be drunk dialing you at 4am every sat/sun

Nikki: hahahaha. but seriously dont. 

Me: lol. i was jk...it will be 3am. im asleep by 4. 

my list..

so i finally almost completed (as in writing it) my before im 30 list.. and it kinda turned into a to-do this year list. but i think im okay with that.. lol


**Note** some of the items were on the list from the start of the year...i have added quiet a few since then.  any suggestions to the list are much appreciated too :)
 sometimes i just feel so gah! about everything. 

im sick of people not telling me things. im sick of being called names by my own mother! im sick of having to do ALL the housework around the house! im sick of being called from the back of the house to the front because my mother wants a drink, even though my sister or dad are sitting in the same room as her! im sick of being under appreciated by my friends. im sick of being treated second rate because there is always someone who is better than me! im sick of not getting a job because on paper im awesome, but when they look at me they automatically give me 'that' look, the look that says 'no way' before i can even shake their hand to introduce myself. 

im generally a pretty positive person, but right now im not feeling it! i just wanna pack up all my junk, and move to the middle of the outback. away from all this shit! 

im just ranting because like me, my life sucks at the moment....

**im not saying all my friends under appreciate me, but like i said. im just feeling gah at the mo


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